Friday, May 06, 2005

Ahhhhhhh, my ear :(

It's almost 4:30am and I'm sitting in agony with a feckin sore ear :( I think it all started from my last flight last Wednesday when I was trying to relieve the pressure in my ear when we were coming into land in London. The story for tonight was great - finish work - go for a run - eat some food - bake brownies - watch the final episode of Alias Season 1 (and the next two from season 2 :)) - go to bed - sleep... Waking up in agony was NOT part of my plan!

2:40 - Wake up in pain!
2:50 - I take two Veganin Plus tablets (500mg Paracetamol, 8mg Codeine, 30mg Caffeine)
Ahh well...
3:05 - Shouldn't these be working???
3:20 - Ahhhh - there not working - I'll call Mel (I know she is still awake) to see what she says. Some googling performed.
3:40 - Still no effect.
3:50 - Go to Tesco to see if there is anything *stronger*
4:10 - No luck - still in pain
4:30 - Decide that I'm not going to get sleep anytime soon so I start writing to my blog

Through all injuries that I got playing sports over the years and my hernia operation earlier this year, I have gotten used to dealing with certain amounts/types of pain. Limbs, body, it's all OK or at least manageable. But when something is in your ear and giving you a headache it just seams more personal.

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