Monday, May 09, 2005

Weekend in Monaghan

So this weekend was a simple trip home to Monaghan. After the ear incident on Friday (less pain now, can't hear, spent 100e on doctors :( ) I didn't know how driving home was going to turn out but I was picking up my 'African' brother Paul and his wife Ellen from the airport so I knew I had a trusty co-pilot. The “Silver Bullet” (my inherited shared car) took us home and only conked out once :)

It was really nice to be home for the weekend. Over the last year or so, I haven't really spent too much time there which is really my own fault. Most of the reason is that there is nothing much there for me anymore. My old friends and I have drifted apart over time. Rather then us simply drifting apart I think most of it is due to us not having that much in common. Then you are young you are thrown into a situation where you have to make friends with the people around you, but as you grow older, and I noticed this mostly when I was in college, you actually choose your friends. I remember that chunks of my friends clumped together when they went to college – I meet some of them at Christmas and I remember them giving out about each other like back in secondary school. Stuff like that doesn't change...

It was cool to walk around the town today and remember how much it has changed over the last 10-15 years. Back then it was a dreary boarder town that had been affected by the troubles in the north. I remember it being very grey. There is so much more in Monaghan now. The night life in the town is pretty good. There are bars that are nicer then any you would see in Dublin or London.... (and it's still 3.50e a pint :) )

It was also good to get out of the city for the weekend – although, if I actually stayed up there I probably would have spent most of the time up the mountains :)

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