Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Grudge

I just finished watching The Grudge (no spoilers) and OMG – it scared the hell out of me! It was brilliant. Few movies ever scare me and the only notable ones over the last few years are Blair Witch, The Ring and now this one. (Two Japanese ones...). I remember hearing the reviews for The Grudge (wasn't that good 5.8 on IMDB!) so I gave the film a miss in the cinema – then tonight I just happened to have the DVD sitting around so I watched it.

The suspense was great but I think my surroundings helped the movie along. Pitch black room, surround sound, by yourself and on a huge screen. I recomend everyone seeing this with a few conditions.

  1. You are either by yourself or with someone who wont talk through the movie and willing to only concentrate on the movie

  2. It's late at night

  3. You are in a dark room

It was great – I could feel good adrenalin rushes :)

Oh, and I realise that anyone who has already seen it is probably saying “It was crap...” that always happens with this kind of movie. I guess tonight I was in the right mood for it and my surroundings were perfect.

In other news, I've finished packing for flying out in a few hours. Wasn't difficult, N t-shirts + M shorts + bike stuff and that's about it.

I was talking to Annie about Electric Picnic which is on on September 3rd and 4th in Laois... I'm probably going so if anyone else is interested, let me know... (Have a look at the line up, there is something for everyone – not just dance heads)


Annie said...

Ryan, if you are going to Electric Picnic and if you are driving, can Olly and I have a lift? We would reimburse you in some way of course :-)

Ryan Sherlock said...

I'll almost certainly be going but I'm almost sure that I wont be driving. (Unless it's a real bitch to get down there) I'll probably end up taking public transport down or something...

I'll let you know if plans change though...