Friday, April 14, 2006

London Trip

I've been busy this last couple of weeks and a few interesting (at least to me) things happened. I'll start with two weekends ago when Mel and I went to London. My friend Annie, lives over their so we decided to take a trip over to see her and get another taste of London.

The trip itself was a lot of fun. We wondered around the craziness that is Camden Town, went clubbing, went around a few of the museams as well as wonder around the usual tourist attractions. And guess what, over the whole weekend I didn't buy anything (as in clothes, stuff etc...) I think that must be a first.

As you may have noticed, Mel decided to turn her hair blue for the next few weeks. She picked up some semi-permanant hair dye from Cyber-dogs in Camden and went crazy :) It turned out really cool (I'll find some better photos when I get to my desktop) – maybe I'll have to do that some day :)

I'm in California at the moment and getting in a bit of biking – but that post is another days business. The weather over here has been terrible almost the whole time! It's like a bad week in Ireland - not what I signed myself up for when I came over :(

Tech related - I put an extra stick of ram into my laptop a couple of days ago and turned off virtual memory. (It's now got 1.25gig) It's made such a performance boost. Eclipse, Outlook, Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, Yahoo Widges... it was all killing the machine but it's got a new lease of life!

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