Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A healing up shoulder

Early this morning I went back to the Sports Surgery Clinic for my first X-ray after the operation on my broken collerbone. As usual, the service there was amazing and I was soon sitting down with Mr. Colville (my surgeon) looking at a very well healed collerbone. It takes months for the bone to heal fully (you can see it is not perfect in the image) but I have finally been given the goahead for MTB riding again, as long as I don't crash!

As far as training is concerned, I have been able to ride my road bike normally for the last few weeks – with the last two feeling like nothing was wrong at all. Considering the last two months, I'm still pretty fit but I'll have to see soon how that converts to MTB fitness. Tonight I'll be going for an offroad ride finally taking in some of the new singletrack my club created for their two XC events that were held in the last two months.

Again, I highly recommend the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry – it has the best medical facilities and staff that I have seen and also thanks to Garreth and Avril in Physio Dynamics for referring me to them.


Dave said...

Thought you might be interested in this Nytimes article

Ryan Sherlock said...

Yeah - I seen those studies before. 8 years of pounding my bones as a runner, basketball player, rugby player and martial artist should have set me up okay.

Still though, I think MTB is a lot better for your bones than pure road and I still go out on the odd run for that very reason.

It is a little more scary for a cyclist who has only cycled since he/she was 12 or 13...