Monday, January 11, 2010


Mel and I have been very fortunate to have ZipVit come on as our Nutrional Sponsor for 2010. Today, a pallet arrived.
We have tried a bunch of their product before (Mel and I are very pragmatic about equipment and food choices - we have the philosophy that we only want to use the best equipement, food, clothing etc...) and we are really looking forward to trying out the other products.

Happy munching.


Fergal said...

would you eat all that before a spin Ryan? was curious about this stuff but their products link is broken: give out to them for me will you?

Ryan Sherlock said...

Interesting - zipvitsport does not generate a cartnumber from that page - hit and then the sports nutrition section on the bottom left and then the pages work just fine.

I wouldn't eat all of that before a spin - just a good chunk of it :)

Ryan Sherlock said...

Just checked - the normal link is fixed :)