Friday, January 15, 2010


This update is mostly pulled from what Mel wrote.

Snow in the Wicklow Mountains

So many things have been happening since the end of the 2009 season, so here's a little update about what has been going on since then.

We are proud to announce that ZipVit have agreed to come on board as our new nutritional sponsors this year, and a pallet load of ZipVit energy drink, recovery drink, gels and bars arrived on Monday, just in time for our winter training camp in Gran Canaria. In our short time working with ZipVit so far we have been very impressed with their product and professionalism. And of course it feels great to be supported by the same people that sponsor the Cervélo Test Team - my dream road team if I ever became a professional roadie. At this point, I have now used most of their nutritional products - I'm really liking their gels - very easy to drink and the caffeine ones are like rocket fuel (took one after a power test before an hour long climb and the legs felt great despite pushing 100% during the power test) - they say the caffeine gel is the same as 2.5 RedBulls... Oh, my...

ZipVit delivery :)

On a similar note, we are very happy and thankful for our friend Stewart Carr for offering his services as physio therapist to us, which our ever tired legs are gladly accepting.

Another big news was Mel and my engagement on the 23rd of December, just in time before xmas when we could announce the news to the family. Team Mel and Ryan are going stronger and stronger :)

Mel said yes :)

Finally, there has been a lot of snow in Ireland and it was very cold for the last few weeks. Almost every spin I have come home freezing and with hands and feet like iceblocks, so I am glad we are travelling to Gran Canaria soon for our winter training camp. It is a lot easier to do a few hours endurance riding in the sun than in the miserable weather in Ireland, even just from a motivational point of view.

Riding in the snow is tiring!

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