Thursday, April 28, 2005

Another Californian Trip :)

So myself and Fergal just got back from one of our business trips to California. It's always really nice going over there for a while (this trip was only a tiny 7 dayer though). The weather is just amazing. I was there a while ago and the weather report for the week was basically:

Monday - Sunny 80F
Tuesday - Nice 80F
Wednesday - Pleasant 85F
Thursday - Sunny 85F
Friday - Sunny 80F ... you get the picture

Landing there is nice and usually there is a couple of nice views along the way
(as I blogged earlier)

The trip was mostly filled with work but at the weekend we did get to go north of San Francisco and eat crappy (a tourist area) and really nice (Thai downtown SF restaurant) food. Oh, which reminds me - we went to see Sin City. Go see it - it's excellent! The fix between conventional movie, film noir, and video game type visuals was amazing. Very Max Payne :)

Sunday was an obligatory shopping trip to Gilroy and Santa Cruz... Lately I was a little scared about not wearing decent glasses when I go biking on overcast days, so I bought these Oakleys. I fell in love with Oakleys about a year and a half ago when I stood on my pair of X Metal glases with my (metal tipped) bike shoes and they never even scratched :) My old Oakleys have Black Iridium lenses so they are more or less useless for 90% of days that I would go biking in Ireland.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

A dude that was balancing rocks on top of the other in Sausalito, CA. I actually think that this may have been real except I also thought that the wind should have been blowing them over... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A cool view

The view out my window flying over Canada about 2 hours from San Francisco Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

A little Context

Ok, so a tiny bit of information about me (basically what I should put into the profile section)

I finished a computer science degree in Trinity College about a year ago. I work for a software company called Edgespace. I run around lots, try to play lots of sports (mostly mountain biking and running this last while). I enjoy working with computers but also enjoy not having to go near them on holidays. I travel a lot and never want to give it up. A have a wonderful girlfriend called Melanie and I am basically very happy :)

Oh, photos, cv (old) and other random crap that I feel like placing on the web can be found here

I think that's about it...