Friday, June 01, 2012

2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er

Bandwagon... People have been raving about 29ers over the last few year - "just like cheating" they say... Well, we held off for a long time until the geometries were perfected, spare parts common and boy am I glad I have gotten the chance to switch.

Mel and I are racing off-road on nearly identical (size, saddle and color of the grips are the only differences) Epics. Basically, it is the European stock Specialized S-Works Epic 29er fitted out with NoTubes 29er Race Gold Wheels, KCNC bar, stem, rotors, grips and seatpost, Schwalbe Tires (Rocket Ron on the front, Racing Ralph on the rear) and Crank Brothers Egg Beater pedals.

My bike, as a fully race ready size large (with proper tires) tips the scales at 9.8kg - incredible for a 29er full suspension!

Coming from what I believed to already be the best bike out there, the 26er Epic - it has had a lot to live up to. Well, only 2 hours of twisty man-made and natural trails under the tires so far but first impressions are that it is even smoother/faster than the original. Tight switchbacks were a thing that I thought it would falter at, but so far, I couldn't tell the difference between a 26er and this 29er both descending and climbing switchbacks. When you have the bike to speed, it really does roll - like my old 6 inch travel Enduro MTB... I found myself chanting "stay off the brakes, stay off the brakes", amazing what it then floats over. I'll be spending a lot more time on it over the next few weeks.

Garmin 800 and SRAM Brakes

Again, many thanks to our sponsors I mentioned and a big thanks to Specialized and Cycleways - we feel so fortunate to be always using the best equipment available on the road, TT and off-road - THANKS!