Saturday, October 06, 2012

2012 Irish Hill Climb Championship Results

The results for the Irish Hill Climb Championships can be found here. There is a tab for the Challenge and the Championships itself. Congratulations to all riders - the climb is a true test, but especially to the Challenge riders giving this a go - we hope you had a great day. I remember a few folks saying that it was a 'flat' climb, I don't think anyone said that afterwards :)

The view form signon
We would just like to thank everyone who made today such a great success – almost 130 riders (in October!) makes this the best attended Hill Climb Championships I have seen.

Outside of Cycleways CC, many thanks to the extra marshals/timers/starters we got on the day, Tommy for Commissar duties and Joanne in timing. Things ran like clockwork.

We were also lucky to have a fantastic race HQ, the Glendalough Hotel, the venue was perfect and gave us a stunning backdrop. Thanks to the ESB for helping us with access to the top of Turlough hill and Fixx Coffee for organizing hampers for the category winners. I performed a few good weather dances lately, whoever else did so, we thank you too!

Again, thank you to all the folks who came out and raced – in the end of the day, you guys made the day.

2nd Anthony Walsh, 1st Ryan Sherlock, 3rd Greg Swinard
Thanks Glendalough Hotel
Thank you Fixx Coffee

There are photos available herehere and here.

Photos here can be used by anyone for websites etc. Taken by Alan Donnelly.


1st Ryan Sherlock
2nd Anthony Walsh
3rd Greg Swinard

Category Winners

1st Ryan Sherlock
2nd Anthony Walsh
3rd Colm Turner

1st Danny Bruton
2nd Mikey Moriarity
3rd Evan Cunningham

1st Greg Swinard
2nd Frank Billings
3rd Mike Jordan

1st Rachel Glendon
2nd Michelle Geoghegan
3rd Amy Brice

1st Paul Coffey
2nd Damien Twohig
3rd Garrett Murphy

On the way to victory