Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fulcrum Racing 5 Road Wheels For Sale

I'm selling a brand new pair of Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels. They are durable, reasonably light, aero and tough enough. I bought a pair in December 06 and have used them as my training wheels for the last year without a single issue (8,000k).

I'm selling for 150euro.



Friday, February 22, 2008

The Dirtworker...

I have had this little piece of kit for about 18 months now and I keep meaning to blog about it but I never get around to it. It is basically a little power hose that is bike safe and contains everything you need to clean your bikes (and yourself) assuming you have a cigarette lighter nearby. I have used it pretty much daily over the last 18 months but usually in a different setting. Like most young people in Dublin, I don't have a house or a proper garden - this little machine though, with an additional adapter I got allows me to clean my bikes on my balcony - it used to be such a pain cleaning up after spins but now, (well, it still is a pain) it is not nearly so bad.

Anyway, what made me think of it was that the trigger mechanism on the water gun started to fall apart - I called the Dirtworker people asking if I could purchase one (I have used this a lot so I thought it was more then reasonable for me to purchase it) and they said that it was still covered under warranty and that I'll have a new trigger within a week. Amazing - thanks Dirtworker!


Not mountain bike related at all!

Monday, February 18, 2008


This should be just about enough fruit for Mel and I for the week :)
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2006 Mountain Bike Marathon Course

Now that I have my MacBook Pro back (keyboard died – warranty replacement) it's back to adding another route that I like. The one I'm adding is one that I've not done many times. It's basically the National Mountain Bike Marathon course from 2006. I might actually head up there soon again as it's a great spin (raced in 4ish hours in very wet conditions – steady/fun paced, probably 6) and Carlingford is a great place for some food afterwards. At just over an hour from Dublin, it's not too far either. The course is about 53km long with around 1,800 meters of climbing.

The profile of the course

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Video of the Great Weather...

Amazing weather these last few days. It's still really cold but it's been sunny and dry everyday for about a week now. This is a 360 video from the top of Fairy Castle one morning looking out over Dublin and Wicklow.

My MacBook Pro is sick at the moment (keyboard) but once I get it back I'll return to normal posting and add a new MTB route.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nicest morning ever :)

Out on the bike this morning - it was amazing. Started cold but soon warmed up to an amazing day. I could have kept riding for hours...
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Monday, February 04, 2008

A Relaxing Weekend

As it was the weekend of a recovery week, I decided to enjoy the things outside of cycling a bit more. Of course it all started with a road spin with Mel though :) Mel has been getting stonger on the bike and as I wanted to take it easy enough we decided to head out for a 3 hour steady road spin around Wicklow together. When we left the house it was very cold but by the time we got to the mountains proper there was a lot of snow and ice. I have no pictures of it but the descent from Sally Gap home was the sketchiest thing I've done on a bike. Snow, and worst of all ice the whole way down – at times I thought my rear wheel (2.3 – 120psi) was going to pass out my front wheel. Eventually we made it down to the warm confines of the Glencree coffee shop (I don't go for coffee during spins very often so this was a treat) for some Lattes and scones.

The road to Sally Gap

Mel and I in the coffee shop

That night, we headed out 'clubbing' to the Jack in the Box night in the Sub. I was hoping for a bigger, more busy place then it turned out to be. The DJ was pretty poor although the music itself was good. It is around a year since I was last clubbing – nuts for someone who about 3 years ago would have been out every week.

The final treat of the weekend was a trip for Brunch to Odessa – our favourite place to go on a Sunday morning (that isn't the mountains). When we first started dating we went there one morning and I've loved it since. The food was, as usual, amazing except that it ended up sitting in my stomach all day making me feel lethargic (I'm so not used to that much fat in food...) Ahh well, you only live once.