Friday, February 22, 2008

The Dirtworker...

I have had this little piece of kit for about 18 months now and I keep meaning to blog about it but I never get around to it. It is basically a little power hose that is bike safe and contains everything you need to clean your bikes (and yourself) assuming you have a cigarette lighter nearby. I have used it pretty much daily over the last 18 months but usually in a different setting. Like most young people in Dublin, I don't have a house or a proper garden - this little machine though, with an additional adapter I got allows me to clean my bikes on my balcony - it used to be such a pain cleaning up after spins but now, (well, it still is a pain) it is not nearly so bad.

Anyway, what made me think of it was that the trigger mechanism on the water gun started to fall apart - I called the Dirtworker people asking if I could purchase one (I have used this a lot so I thought it was more then reasonable for me to purchase it) and they said that it was still covered under warranty and that I'll have a new trigger within a week. Amazing - thanks Dirtworker!

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Ryan Sherlock said...

And the new trigger arrived within 3 days of talking to them.

Dirtworker, best invention for MTB since disc brakes :)