Monday, May 02, 2005

Carl Cox

So I went to see Carl Cox last night. One of the few remaining DJs that I really want to see but never got round to it. Overall it was a very good night! Myself and my brother Mark went and it was probably the first time that just both of us went to a rave since The Met in Armagh or maybe it was Mauro Picotto in the Temple Theater back about 3 years ago. (Why do all the good clubs have to close down? Well, in the Temple Theater's case - the crappy club that had good DJs)

Two weeks ago I went to see Laurent Garnier in The End in London with my mate Annie. He was pretty good playing a 9 hour set versus Carl Cox's pesky 2 and a half hours, but I still haven't mellowed into a trancy person. The pumping tunes still have my vote... it's much easier to get hyped up my heavy baselines.

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