Sunday, May 22, 2005

Damned Free Hub

So as you may have gathered I enjoy mountain biking. Just before I went to California in March the rear free hub on my bicycle seized. (The free hub is the bit that allows it to spin freely when the wheel is been rotated one way and not free wheel when you are pedalling...). I went to the States and brought home a real nice set of wheels. I took them home – they worked really well for about 250 miles and then, when I was almost at the top of Two Rock, clunck... My free hub just chunked so that when you pedeled, nothing happened :( Luckly I was at the top of the mountain close to civilization so I just free wheeled to the bottom where a guy I met gave me a lift back to Dundrum.

It was funny, I was thinking before I went biking that it was about 2 months since I spent money on my bike...

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