Sunday, May 29, 2005

This last week...

So a few things happened in this last week. I'll go through them one by one.

We decided to get a proper coffee machine for the office. I like my coffee, although not more then two a day, (each one of the coffees I make is usually a triple espresso or something). I looked a round a good bit before about this and had decided on a Gaggia (They have such a crap website!). When I went across to House of Frasier, I found the Gaggia Classic (1 model higher then I was going to get one sale). I bought it and it's been working well since.

All the guys have started to move to California for a couple of weeks of consultancy work. Conor left this morning and Fergal will be leaving next weekend. I'm travelling out towards the end of June. I'm really looking forward to the weather and biking most evenings. Also, the place we are staying has a big pool , tennis and basketball courts and a gym. MUCH better then the dark bland place I was staying at last November!

Myself and Mel went out for our first 'proper' mountain bike ride yesterday. We cycled up to the top of Three Rock then down some fire roads. It was good to be biking along with her and she actually made it to the top of the mountain without stopping! (It's about 6-7 miles and about 1600 feet of climb. But there are a few reasonably steep sections) She took my bike and I rode Fergal's.

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