Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A change in the weather

I went riding from this:

To this, in a day:

It's actually pretty amazing - I have not seen this much snow around Dublin City before - in the mountains, yeah, but down where I live the snow sat all day. Ireland's weather is getting more like that of the continent... I hope we get the long hot summer.


trio said...

The snow was amzing here yesterday as well. Hills still look white but nothing on the road outside my house today.

Ryan Sherlock said...

Back a little while and off road is unridable and the mountain roads are barely rideable. The further you get away from civilization, the worse it gets.

It lucks pretty but is damned annoying for riding bikes :(

trio said...

I haven't bothered taking my road bike out so no idea what the roads in the hills are like, I didn't even ride yesterday after diving on the floor on the ice on monday. But today I went out on the cross bike and its been good, most of it is still snow - not looking forward to when it becomes ice!