Monday, February 16, 2009

Making pretty charts

Two road rides this weekend as most of the trails are still too slushy (I wondered into the mountains on Friday but soon turned back due to the conditions).

On Saturday, I was doing a little prep for for next weekends racing and my legs felt great. I felt like I could keep pushing and pushing. Sunday, my legs felt pretty dead for the long ride except when I was pushing the pace a bit up the climbs.

Recovery today, and my legs need it!


Anonymous said...

How come the graphs are so jagged? Were you doing interval training.. Two minutes up a hill, roll down, turn around and back up again?

Ryan Sherlock said...

Exactly - the first graph was Anaerobic Capacity training (2 minutes hard - 2.5 minutes recovery, etc...). Was very tough.

Sundays ride was simple a ride with a few accelerations on the flats thrown in and tempo up the climbs.