Thursday, February 05, 2009

More snow complaints

The roads looked clear enough so after a warmup on the turbo trainer I ventured out. I didn't expect to be able to ride off road but I went up to Ticknock carpark anyway. The Tarmac road had a lot of snow but there was a dug in compacted track to the top of Three Rock (only 4-5 inches of snow there versus 12-18 all around it). It was tricky riding but beautiful. Not exactly training but I was working on my balance and smooth pedaling! As I turned, a big snow storm blew in (and is still here more than two hours later) so I guess everything is impassible again. I think it will be another week before off-roading will be possible again :(

The top of Three Rock

The top of one of the climbs I usually do on the road bike

When the storm rolled in, I had to revert to this - will probably be doing lots more of it in the next few days


dave said...

These could help:

Nokian Studded Tyre

Although, you probably wouldnt get enough use each year to make them worthwhile.

Ryan Sherlock said...

I would have to go through the pain of the tubeless switch. Looking out at the moment, it looks like it is getting worse rather than better. No off-road for another week :(

Sucks, sucks, sucks...