Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shinny new race bike

A couple of days before my first race I finally got my new race bike built up. It's a Specialized S-Works Carbon Epic and is pretty much my dream bike. I built up everything exactly the way I wanted it (spent months researching everything) and about the only thing that I might change is the wheel set (I'm using my race wheels from last year).

Complete, the bike weighs in at 10kg which is about 1.6kg lighter then the 'stock' S-Works build.

Just before it's first spin

The Pace RC39Xc fork is amazing - I now have the new XTR rotors on it

The drive train is full XTR M97x with a KMC 9SL chain

Ready to ride

As for how it rides... It's the best bike I've ever riden. Climbing, it feels as close to my road bike as I'm comfortable with and descending it does not feel too far for my Enduro. If your looking for a race bike, and don't mind spending quiet a lot of €€€, I think this is the ultimate bike.

Thanks to Starbike and Cycleways for helping get most of the bits together.

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