Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Edgespace changes function and moves to Tenerife for a bit

As I've mentioned before a few times, I work for a software company that a few classmates and I set up when we finished college back in 2004. Our plan had always been to work as a consultancy company in the real world for a couple of years to gain experience and capital to help fund future projects. At the end of March the time for us to transition from a consultancy company to a product company arrived. We all got a lot from the previous two and a half years worth of consultancy but we were glad that it was time for us to move on to our own thing. A plan for the short term after ending was pretty simple – a couple of weeks off to recuperate from the last development cycles we completed for our clients and then a business trip to Tenerife in order to properly formulate our plans for the following year.

The trip to Tenerife was a lot of fun, our evenings were filled with nice dinners and business related discussions while our days were filled with various outdoor type activities. Me, being me, my days were obviously filled with a lot of cycling. Trying to get back in form after my injury I was fortunate enough to be able to put in a lot of good road miles in pretty nice weather. (Descending through clouds is always cold though!) The climbs over here were amazing. I had not ridden anywhere else before where I could go on an 40km climb that was a constant 5-6%. It never got too steep :) (I am trying to stay away from steep climbs until my knee is perfect) Another on the highlight spins was a 5 hour 120km spin that took in 3,300 meters of climbing – some of it on crazy windy roads :)

The view of Mount Teide from about 2,200 meters

The view from our Villa

Some of the crazy (beautiful) roads.

The quality of the roads was amazing

I didn't spend much time at the beach :(

Overall, the trip was productive from a business, biking, social and relaxation perspectives...

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