Thursday, July 12, 2007

Second Life

There has been a whole lot of buzz about second life recently. Basically, ICQ with a graphics engine... I heard lots about it being the next big thing so I spent a few hours messing around in it. I got bored quickly.

Alan showed me this video of people in real life pretending to be in second life - I thought it was funny.

While I am writing about online things I'll mention a few other bits and bobs I use.
Joost - the future of TV? Application is still pretty buggy
4oD - Channel 4 online (windows only but pretty good)
Google Reader - Collecting all my RSS feeds

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Gerard W said...

Yeah, I've been seeing and hearing a lot about Second Life as well. Mostly on the BBC which while not necessarily promoting but certainly seem to be enamoured by both Second Life and Facebook.

They had a Money Programme, which was all about online worlds which they then broadcast inside Second Life.

Oh, need to fix link for Google Reader.