Monday, August 13, 2007

A short and long spin...

A short and a long spin made up this weekends riding. Saturday I rode around the usual spots concentrating on technique with a couple of laps of the Epic Club course thrown in at the end for good measure. Sunday's spin was a long MTB group affair. In the end I covered a few new trails and a good few that I have not been on in a while. While in Balinastoe I got to see the new purpose built mountain bike trails that Collite are building. They look awesome in the fast flowy sort of way. Very similar to a lot of the trails that I used to ride in California. Completely weather proof - something that I really look for in trails given the Irish 'summer'.

6 hours of active time meant it was the longest MTB spin of the year - I felt pretty good afterwards (infact, better then normal) but I think the chocolate milk, food and nap as soon as I got home did that.

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