Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Virginia CX Race

On Sunday I got to take part in my first ever snow race – it was also the first time that I wore full length leg warmers (and needed them) in a race. A heavy frost and snowy roads detered many from making the trip to Virginia Cavan for the event ran by TC Racing. With the weather, and the naturally beautiful backdrop it made for some picturesque racing.

After arriving I started a lap preride, I made the second second set of tracks on the fresh snow and three quarters way around the lap I payed for it. My front wheel dropped into a hole (filled with snow) and I went over the bars hard. It took 20 seconds on whimpering until I got myself off the ground – a dead leg (still in bits), a very sore thumb (currently twice it's usual size), a thankfully not broken but twisted shifter and a bruised ego... With that, I went back to the car, fixed the shifter and switched out my carbon tubular wheels for my spare wheels – dry weather wheels! (A shipment of Rocket Ron CX tires will soon arrive). The course was very technical as far as cross courses went, it was more like an MTB course but thankfully before the start the course was tamed down a lot.

The race started and Aidan McDonald went to the front with Alan Clogher – as I rode, my tires slid out on every corner and could never put the power down. I was here for training (my choice was this or a LONG 4-5 hour training ride in the frosty hills – easy choice) so let them go and concentrated on getting a few things right that I have been working on.

After 1:09, at around 15kmph (slowest race of the year) I rolled in for 3rd incident free (well, I had one working gear and had to stop twice to pull out sticks from my wheel – but that is minor in comparison to my last race!).

My Dad and brother (thanks for the pictures Mark) made the journey from Monaghan to watch (and freeze!). Thanks – come to CX Nationals, I promise a good race :)

Thanks to TC Racing for putting on the race – the grounds (Park Hotel) were amazing and I enjoyed riding in the snow – next time though, open the course up a little.


Unknown said...

Hi Ryan, I am wondering would you be happy to write some short blogs/article for an all-Ireland outdoor activity website that I'm currently creating. Could you send me your email address and I could discuss in a little more detail?

Ryan Sherlock said...

Hey John,

Yeah- just drop me a mail to:
blog (AT) ryansherlock (DOT) com

Talk to you soon,