Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Eating to train - Fueled by Zipvit

I'm always asked about this and and I have wrote about it a few times before. What to eat in training, and what I eat in training.

Well, todays training was basically three and a half hours, easy enough riding in the flats for the first half - endurance, a few eight minute hill climb intervals and then a little more endurance riding. So a mix between endurance and threshold. Riding in the "fat burn" zone and "glycogen only" land.

This was the ride:

This is what I took:

Basically, two 750ml bottles of Zipvit Energy Drink Elite, one homemade rice bar inspired by Allen Lim's Feedzone Cookbook (I'll post my recipe soon enough - it was chocolate, coconut and almond), one Zipvit Energy Bar and one Zipvit Energy Gel before the threshold work.

Also, twice a day I take one each of these. Glutatione, Cod liver oil and Quercetin.

Sometimes, I go through a period of taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine too - basically three per day. And with my anemia from last year still fresh in my mind, I go through periods of supplementing iron - although now that I eat a lot more red meat, my ferritin levels are remaining good.

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