Monday, July 16, 2012

Dublin Cyclists Car Boot Sale - July 23rd

Many of us have biking bits and bobs that have been sitting around for way to long - or are looking for a few good deals. An Ultegra rear derailleur you bought just when you switched to a SRAM drivetrain... spare MTB mud tires, stems, posts, the list goes on.

On July 23rd from 7pm to 9pm at Lamb Doyles car park close to the Dublin Mountains we are going to have a car boot sale. Turn up and you never know what space you will create in your garage for your new bike bits - or what deals you'll find. Afterwards, have a beer or two with us in Lamb Doyles - what more can you ask?

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Me, I'll have lots of bits for sale - pretty much all high end and mostly new. Stems, bars, tires, forks, saddles and more.

And here are a few of the things I'll have up for sale:
2012 For Sale


Ollie said...

I'll give you a shot on my BMX and a Capri-Sun for one of your Meilensteins.

Used Car Solutions said...
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