Friday, March 29, 2013

Hanging out in Indonesia

Uploads speeds are killing me, so the final Tour de Taiwan video is not up yet...

After the race, and a great breakfast (LCHF tastiness), we spent the day traveling back to Indonesia, Surabaya to be exact (via Hong Kong). All went well, and with Stage 7 only being just over an hour long, not too tiring.

In Surabaya, the next day we were brought on a tour of the Polygon Factory - many brands, not just Polygon are made and painted there. We even got to see our new bikes (getting them in a few weeks) in an early stage of production. It was great to get a proper grasp of how the thing I spend so much time with is made.

Riding in Surabaya was difficult to say the least. I have never ridden in such traffic and pollution before - it was very difficult for training, but there was a nice stretch we rode up and down a few times with no traffic, fresh air and beautiful views. To say it is hot here is an understatement - between 30-37C, but, and this is the important bit, close to 100% humidity - I'm adapting, but it is tough! Still, I see the photos of the snow at home and am really appreciative to be here.

The following day, we rode to Malang where I am now - no pollution, great roads and lots of climbs. Where we stay, the accommodation is very basic by European standards, but normal/good for traveling in Asia. BUT, we have an amazing group of people around us, a cook, mechanic, a guy for motor pacing (or simply riding behind us with spare wheels/water) and some of the most friendly people in the world. My current life would not be for everyone, but before I cycled, I travelled a lot and have been able to slot straight back into it. I find myself smiling a lot.

Originally, we were to race the Tour de Thailand next week - unfortunately, it is not happening for us now, so I'll be here for about 10-12 days then off to the Philippines for the next race.

On a nice section of road 30km from Surabaya

Post ride recovery
Mark (Ireland), Edgar (Spain), the Indonesian riders and I
1,000 year old temple close to Malang

Mr. Harry (team owner), Edgar and I
Really nice roads in Malang

Eddie and I after a long climb at a fuel stop this morning :)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Hoilday!

Ryan Sherlock said...

Holiday - haha, this is definitely not a holiday!!! In a different location in the world, yes, it is hot (too hot), yes - but holiday - no.