Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More training and photos from Indonesia

We spent a little over two weeks training in Indonesia on the climbs and behind the motorbike. We are back on our travels again with an epic 28hrs of travel for only 3 short flights - on Saturday, we start the Tour de Philippines. I'll put the usual video blogs up after each stage.

Above, checking out a location for a possible MTB stage race later in the year 

Another view - it is closed at the moment and they are making repairs - looked cool though 

One of the few quiet moments around Malang

Christopher picked me up so local high quality coffee beans so I can continue with my addiction

A few years ago, there was only horse and cart here - now mopeds are the transport of choice for the locals.

Imagine motor pacing through the above... I don't have to imagine.

Stopping off to buy more water at a market

Every day, some version of rice with chicken and vegetable 

Drying out the coffee beans - pity it is along the street though - hate to think what all the moped/truck pollution is doing to the fine harvest

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