Sunday, December 07, 2014

Going long in California

I don't go super long training too often, maybe a couple of times a year. As I'm about to return back to Ireland and had no other commitments on the Saturday - a big old spin was chosen on some new roads.

This type of training isn't necessary for fitness... But I'm a cyclist first and foremost, and I simply love riding my bike.

The first two hours I took out some juniors on a loop (my brother, who is definitely not a junior on the back in the photo). Very pretty before we got into the hills (which looked, and were, wet).

Solo for the final 5+ hours. This is traversing across Big Basin Redwood Park to China Grade. To say this place is pretty (even in the rain) is an understatement.

With all the recent rain (California needs it badly) - many of the descents (and climbs) were a bit sketchy.

Going down here later (sorry)

My poor socks will never be the same again :(

I got home just in time for ice cream o'clock.

My current, slightly funky drivetrain - Rotor Q-Rings on a Duraace crankset with Garmin Vectors as the power meter.

Final evening meal - world famous (well, at least in the tech industry) La Bamba restaruant for Burritos. Burning 6,000+ calories on the bike made this one of the tastiest ever.

The ride on Strava


Anonymous said...

Hi California Cycling,
If your heading back to Ireland get ready to cover up, the first of the really cold days a-happened today hail fell over the mountains as rain towards enniskerry and snow -and slow over the Military road which made ascending and descending very difficult actually one foot down all the way.
Made it sally gap stopped as nature intends ,the bike dropped knocking my powerful front light off the handlebars -a screw came lose ,as much as i tried to find it on the road -it was gone.
I had to improvise to get the light fixing back onto the handlebars ,I found a similar sized philips drew driver head off a pedal - it worked -at this point my hands were so cold I could hardly feel them,i had to take my really worm gloves off to fix the light.
Dark and heavy fog descended kept moving through the slush and finally reached the top of the military road beyond Glencree where it was milder ,dropped down to Balrothery and back up the other side and across to tic knock for and end to the days work .
Tis forcast to be wet this week having had a more or less dry spell last week.But it's due to be very cold so get ready to wrap up.
I only wish i was more westerly but that said the worst thing for a long distance cyclist is the rain where ever it falls.

Mountain Goat

Ryan Sherlock said...

wow - only saw this comment now! Seems grim. A day for the MTB and staying closer to home!