Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making Super Simple Bone Broth / Stock

I have been asked so many times about this so finally I'm putting together a video of one of the ways I make bone broth or stock. There is tons of information online about why to consume bone broth (aside from how tasty it makes things) - Weston A Price has some stuff about it, Mark's Daily Apple too, but believe me, it is worth the (very) small amount of effort.

I source the best bones (from animals that ate what they are supposed to and had a hopefully happy life - at least the ones I saw had), usually for free and the rest of the materials are simple to find. Bones, salt, an acid (apple cider vinegar), garlic, ginger, additional spices and veg if you wish.

I have used a pressure cooker, a pot but currently am using a slow cooker (purchase from around €25 and are great for making many things) to cook at a low temperature for a long time safely.

The resultant broth when used making other dishes adds a richness/complexity that is hard to describe and is usually only found in top restaurants - and it is super healthy. When anyone I know has sickness/injuries etc... it is the first thing I ask if they make. Enjoy.

I leave the cooker on high until bubbling then low/medium for the rest of the time.

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Brian L said...

Nice tutorial, Ryan!