Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The house has been quite with most of the guys gone so I've been using this time to catch up on a few movies. Sunday was the twice yearly showing of Donnie Darko. I think this is the 6th or 7th time that I saw this movie, I think it's amazing – quite different from the usual crud. Mel thought it was good too but I don't think she loves it to the same extent as me.

On Monday after work, myself and Mel went for a walk and some how ended up in Extra Vision. I quickly found the thing that we keep me busy over the next few weeks. They have a 5 dvd for 9 euro for 7 nights deal on at the moment on non new releases. Their definition of “not new release” is actually quite decent although their selection is pretty crap. So, last night kicked off with “back to the old school” nerdy movie Sneakers. It was actually really enjoyable! I think that one thing that has helped the movie age (it was made in 1992) reasonably gracefully (in a genre that looks old after a year) was that it didn't take itself to seriously.

Tonight I watched Thirteen. Basically about a 13 year old girl that gets into drinking, drugs, sex, self mutilation (I'm referring to cutting herself and not piercings... :)) and petty crime. All I have to say is that, in comparison, I was a saint at 13! The cinematography was excellent and the acting was great. Get this one out!

For the next few nights I've got, The Crow, Eyes Wide Shut (Mel hasn't seen it ;)) and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I'm looking forward to The Crow as I can't really remember anything about it.


annie said...

Hey there,

Good movies to get out, that price is pretty good. I loved Thirteen, thought it was absolutely brilliant. Couldn't believe the girl wrote it (or some of it). Confessions of a dangerous mind is pretty good from what I remember and I love the Crow.

I have one of those online dvd rental things for 9 pounds a month, I end up getting between 4 and 5 dvds a month I'd say... it works out pretty well.

Ryan Sherlock said...

I thought Thirteen was amazing. I tried to see it a few times last year, but it was never on when I was at the cinema. Confessions was great. I forgot how good Eyes Wide Shut was. The piano suspense music is great! And then last night I watched The Crow. It's good but sorta dated and weird. The power rock songs seemed a little out of place at times!