Saturday, June 11, 2005

Requiem for a Dream

Mel left for her travels yesterday. She left Ireland at 4pm and will arrive in Auckland 36 hours later. A pretty long trip! Since the house is empty apart from me, and Reetta in the other place, I've gotten a ton of films out from Xtra-vision, one of the films was Requiem for a Dream. All I have to say is, OMG. A horrifically shocking movie. I remember Trainspotting been called a romanticism of drug use/addiction (Which I think is crap. Personally I don't want to crawl through a toilet looking for a fix.) I don't think anyone could say that Requiem, in any way, romanticises anything. It's shocking enough that I watched a light comedy after it before I went to bed. All said and done, it's a great movie and worth the 8.4 it has on IMDB. The night before Mel left we watched 28 Days Later. It was pretty good, Mel being the scientist, had to poke all the holes in the plot – but hey – it was fun. The next three on my list are Platoon (because I'm going to Vietnam in a few weeks :)), The Insider (because it was one of my old house mates favourite movies) and The Secretary.


Anonymous said...

You sound like me, going through all the must-see movies. Requiem for a dream is brilliant but dear god its depressing. I watched it unfortunately on a comedown and was crying by the end of it. All I wanted was a hug!!

Watched 28 days later too recently, really good fun.


Ryan Sherlock said...

Sean pointed out to me after that watching such a depressing movie probably wasn't the best idea the day you say goodbye to your girlfriend who you aren't going to see for 5 and a half weeks.

Got another clump of movies today. Ben Hur, Get Carter, American Physco, Veronica Guerin and Hulk. I haven't seen any of them apart from American Physco which I loved but can't remember any more.

Myself and Mel are trying to work through the IMDB top 250 movies (or at least the ones that are made within the last 20 years to start). So I'm catching up on ones she has seen and I haven't.

Anonymous said...

tis a good idea, it crossed my mind to do that too, but I know that I would forget them after 2 years and have to watch them all over again. Its good to know I'm not the only one that forgets movies... although you might not be as bad as me. I actually forgot the twist in the Fast and the Furious when I watched it again! And star wars, well that was a whole new film to me!! :-)

I have to say, having a projector in my room makes staying home to watch movies so much more enjoyable. :-)

Ryan Sherlock said...

There was a twist in The Fast and The Furious??? I must have been watching the girls :P

I've got a project and a comfy seat at my house too. It's class! Until the Dundrum cinema open, only the big movies will entice me to go to cinema (UGC) for a 2 hour (almost) round trip.