Sunday, April 08, 2007

Praying to a Porcelain God

The last week has been pretty annoying. My company, Edgespace, is taking a little time off after our last contract so I've been off all week and the weather has also been amazing – that's all the good bits that serve to elevate my annoyance, my knee has unfortunately not gotten much better over the last few days. It's mostly fine but sore if I put any pressure on it while pedalling so the only spins I've been on have been pretty short and very very relaxed. It's been really frustrating with all the nice weather, the free time and a race coming up. I could have been out on 4-5 hour spins out into the backcountry... I have not had an injury since this time last year so I guess I should be thankful for that! 14 days to my next big race...

Friday was also a bit of an annoying day too – Mel and I cooked a Bangers & Mash recipe from the web – all went well and it was really tasty. We then watched a few more episodes of Six Feet Under, however, by the end of our second episode both of us started to feel bloaty and sick. Regardless, we went to bed – both our bodies spent the next 12 or so hours trying to deal with food poisoning! It was horrible, just like a very very bad hangover. We ended up spending yesterday (another glorious day) walking around like dead zombies.

A photo I took yesterday when Mel and I went out for a walk

Today both us are heading off to Barcelona for a couple of days – neither of us have been there before so it should be good :) Hopefully by the time I get home my leg will be up for hard training again...

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