Thursday, April 26, 2007


Two weeks ago saw Mel and I head off to Barcelona for 5 nights. It had been a while since we had traveled together (Paris last summer) due to Mel's college work etc... so it was nice to get away. The morning before leaving we ended up booking a hostel in the Gothic area which, as it turned out was a great location. Everywhere that we usually wanted to go was right on our door step.

Our main plan for the trip was simply to spend lots of time just hanging around relaxing in the nice weather. Unfortunately, the weather didn't join us (Ireland actually had a lot better weather for the week!) but lots of relaxing was had :)

One of the streets beside our accommodation

Mel in Park Gruel

The first couple of days we walked around to see the sights, Park Gruel, the Safrada Familia and the main produce market off Las Ramblas... were all pretty good but I think the constantly cloudy cold weather detracted from it all. As an excursion, one of the days we headed off to Girona for a day. The (old part of the) town was really nice. Small cobbled hilly streets with old churches and great pastries and decent coffee.

The produce market

Both of us enjoyed the trip but in that weather, 4 full days in Barcelona was a little too much. I guess I'm growing out of city breaks at the moment (2 days in Barcelona, 1 in Gerona would have been enough) and rather the more active holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Barcelona has to be one of the most amazing cities in the world. The sunshine is so good to the people here that they just pass happy vibes around to everyone. The sun and the sea are important here, it governs how people go about their daily lives and very rarely does anything challenge their importance. This is a city for enjoying all of the good things in life from dancing to eating to talking to swimming to just walking around. Cheap restaurants and Barcelona hotels are good value. Every street is an art gallery, Barcelona has a beautiful aesthetic and you can feel it from the people even in the way they drive. One thing that has become clear as Barcelona attracts more and more tourists is that you have to make the effort to speak some Spanish because it really affects the way the locals react to you. Making an effort to speak even a little bit of Spanish can make an amazing difference - people will pay more attention to you and go that extra bit for you.