Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2008 Specialized S-Works Epic Race Bike

Like last year, I got another custom built Specialized S-Works Epic. A short supply of the frames this year meant that I had assumed I would be riding my first race on last years bike but the delivery man was very busy (and me very surprised) to see everything I needed arrive on time for the first race (4 packages the day before the first pre-ride). The major issues I would have going straight into a race on a new machine is wheel/tire combinations and any geometry changes. Fortunately, I had my new wheels about a week before hand and as the frame style had not changed, my bike fit would be very very similar.

Just after I finished build - same as I used for the K-Captial Races

Major changes from last year are that I'm running Specialized's new Roval XC Controle Race wheelset (1420grams – a post about them later), Manitou's 2008 R7 MRD fork and I also switched to a SRAM Twist Shift, Hope Mono Mini Pro shifting and braking combination from last years XTR Dual Controls (which I still love).

The Hope brakes are amazing

Overall weight of the bike (mostly due to wheels, tires, drivetrain and pedals) dropped by about 500 grams for a 'standard' racing trim... I.e. Proper tires etc... Total weight is 9.79KG (21.5 pounds for you imperial folk). Changing a few things (I.e. For a hill climb) I could get it down to about 9.4. Pretty light for a full suspension with disc brakes and durable components :)

From the other side

Finally, how it rides – very fast up the climbs (especially rocky, technical stuff) but really plush and confidence inspiring on the downhills. The difference for me on a technical descent speed wise if a few percent over my Carbon Hardtail, BUT, I finish the descent much more relaxed and recovered. Most notable things about the build for me have been the quality of the Hope Mono Mini Pro brakes and the Roval wheelset.

A big thank you to Cycleways for setting me up with the frame and wheels!


Yusman Yunos said...

Hi mate. I cannot seem to find the sworks Epic 2008 frame specs anywhere on the net for some reasons... i got a set of parts that I want to swap over to the sworks frame but aint sure what fits n what wont.. do u happen to have all the tech specs for the frame pls? all help much appreciated..cheers


Ryan Sherlock said...

I found this:

and this:

But I'm pretty sure that is not what you are looking for.

That frame (and all other parts) was sold on many years ago - I'm currently riding a 2012 S-Work Epic 29er.


Ryan Sherlock said...

Actually - that second link I posted is probably what you are looking for.