Thursday, April 03, 2008

Me in the winter

From BKW

"Establishing shot: Cyclist shown from shins down walking up stairs. With each step water squeezes from his booties. The brand is unrecognizable thanks to a mellange of mud and sand. As the camera backs up you see the thick tights and jacket covered in sand too. The bike on his shoulder is covered in grime. The cyclist shivers uncontrollably, drops his keys twice before ramming one into the lock on his apartment. He opens the door, sets the bike down and begins to strip: First the neoprene gloves, then the glasses, helmet, struggles with the jacket zipper and as he staggers, naked, from the foyer, we see a wet, dirty spot on the wall where he leaned while he struggled with his socks."

The weather has changed a bit - it was warm yesterday and it looks like being warm today. Finally - apart from when I put on too much clothes I don't think I have sweat (and not had it evaporate off) all winter/spring... Hopefully the weather will stay like this for this weekends race.

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