Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I did a loop of the upcoming marathon course yesterday morning. The course is pretty good and reasonably weather proof. One of the climbs is a killer and I suspect that unless it stops raining for the next few days (currently raining) I'll be walking sections. It is not very long though and the rest of the course more then makes up for it...

Anyway, getting back to what I thought was crazy - I stopped off at a part of the marathon course where I joined in to drop off a bottle and some extra clothes I didn't want to carry (hidden nicely in the trees). I rode for two hours (the loop) and arrived back to find this:

Seriously - who the hell does this? I'm in the middle of nowhere and someone dumps all their crap (There is a link to report such things). The recent weather is bad enough to push me out of Ireland let alone this type of thing! It's not even that unusal. I also passed a truck pilled high with 5 burnt out cars that they just picked up from the forest.

Seriously - people in this country (any country) that cause any issues should have to do a mandatory 500kms a week on a bicycle - then they wont have any energy left to get up to badness :) Grrrr


Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgraceful, i seen that the other day too, complete joke.

Anonymous said...

Illegal dumping has been a problem in sub-sub-urban (Not really a correct term but I think I can get away with it).

As a child I grew up beside the Grand Canal in County Dublin just beyond Clondalkin. I can't remember a time in my life that there wasn't a part of that area where there wasn't some illegal dumping taking place.

The worst thing to see is a herrin whose nesting site is covered in rubbish or a swan who is frantic because they have a black plastic bag wrapped over their head and body.

Fault in this cause certainly lies with the dumpers themselves. However, the common people also bear a certain responsibility for this. With the rise of construction and ever tightening waste management laws, many people in the construction industry who might not be licensed for waste, transport and disposal, will accept small jobs for the less cash than hiring a skip and dump it illegally because they don't want to have to pay the charges for the proper disposal facilities.

So, I suppose the moral of the story is that cheaper isn't always better. Or, we do it to yourselves... :(