Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Spot the difference



Number 1 was yesterday, number 2 today... Seriously - it's the SUMMER time... Grrrrr

Met Eireann proubly anounces todays weather as "Showers or longer spells of rain, with some very heavy or thundery downpours." - that has been the outlook for the last week. I can deal with training in crappy weather all winter - that's fine - but the summer has to be a bit nicer! It's warmer, yeah - but much wetter.


trio said...

Weather is the same over here, although monday evening I got a sunny ride. Yesterday I was drenched!

Ryan Sherlock said...

Bizarly, I timed my spin in such a way that I didn't get rained on at all... Rivers were flowing past me on the road but none came from the sky - I even got some sun while I was around Laragh.

This weather is driving me nuts...

Oh, you should tell Mel that the UK has sucky weather too - each race we did in the UK this year (except MM) has had nice enough conditions.

trio said...

Surely mayhem showed how bad the weather can be? As the campsite blew away? I managed to have a ride in the sun yesterday! Got back near home and rivers were running down the road, glad I didn't ride round here! Since I live in the North West I get lots of rain, I'm led to believe that living in other areas of the country the weather can be a lot drier!