Thursday, March 01, 2012

2012 Annaclone and Traders Cup

Racing handicaps, oh how I dislike you.

Many races in Ireland at the start of the year include race handicaps so that all category of riders can race within the same race and have a fighting chance at a high finish – it makes good sense. Both races last weekend, the Annaclone GP and the Traders Cup used this.

Conor Ryan and I in Annaclone - photo by Marian Lamb from here

Unfortunately, either there wasn't enough A1 riders (in Annaclone, 7 riders chasing down 60, 6 minutes up the road in a 60km race just didn't work), or the gap was too big. Both days, the A1 riders worked pretty well together from the start - we did make an impact on the lead, just not enough, quickly enough. It was a frustrating weekend as I felt I didn't really get to race – just ride a fast group ride...

More racing this weekend – I don't think the Cycleways Cup (130km) has any handicap...

Good job on Mel winning the women's race at the Traders Cup - report here.

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