Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Lucan GP

This weekend I was doing a double header of races. The Lucan GP on Saturday and the biggie of the weekend (actually, biggie of any weekend in Ireland), the Des Hanlon Memorial.

Training went well during the week – I feel the form is coming along well, not “firing on all cylinders” yet, but very much in the right direction.

Sun and warm temperatures (for March in Ireland) greeted us – the course was flat but strong winds and exposed roads meant that it was going to be difficult for everyone. Our race was 75km, a combined A1 and A2 field with the A2s getting a 40 second head start. Once the flag was dropped, we immediately went to work and brought back the A2s – I guess they just waited for us.

Splitting it in the winds - photo by Mick Lawlor
As soon as it came together the race splitup into groups – the strong cross winds breaking the peleton into groups of 20. Lots of riding later, we hit the penultimate lap (4 laps). I seemed to roll off the front but not wanting to ride 35km by myself I eased off hoping for a few riders to come across – no one did and I got swallowed by the lead break. Hitting the final lap with very strong cross winds, I rode hard on the front spliting the race up again – Mark Kiernan attacked and I followed, soon we had a gap and we rode hard enough to the finish. I had more in the tank and claimed the win with Mark securing second.

Too windy to take the hands off the bars! Photo by Graham Healy
Win number two for the year – I ended up riding harder than I meant to (considering the race the next day), but a win is a win!

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