Friday, June 22, 2007

Rain repeats...

I was out on the road bike last night (I'll take the rain over the turbo trainer any day) and I swear the rain was out training with me... I think it was doing some sort of Lactate Threshold drills. Basically the rain was going heavy 2 minutes, light 4 minutes, heavy 2 minutes.... It did about 3 sets of this with a 6 minute mizzle between sets... (Or maybe it was doing Ryan persistence testing drills...) Maybe it has a big storm or something coming up soon that it's getting ready for. I know that the weather has been terrible around her these last two weeks :(

In other news, I'm probably doing my second ever road race this weekend, the Sean Nolan Meath GP... Hopefully the weather wont be as bad as the last one... Also, Mel and Fergal are taking part in the Rogaine this weekend. Mel and I did it last year and with the current weather forecasts, I'm glad I'm not getting ready for it this year.

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