Thursday, January 24, 2008

2007 Training/Racing Totals...

I just realized that I had not really given a review of my training over 2007. For all training sessions I use a Garmin 305 and this is what it reports:

Total Active Time: 830 hours - seems a lot - includes hiking, joging etc too.
Total Distance: 15,240km (about 6,500km off road)
Average Heart Rate: 134
Max Heart Rate: 197 - set in the first race of the K-Capital Series
Total Climb: 320,009 meters (over a million feet!)

Biggest month training wise was January with April the least (when I was injured). Distance wise, December was my biggest month – 2 weeks in California and then 9 days in Monaghan meant that my road bike was my only training weapon => big distance.

That seems like a lot...

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