Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007/08 Irish National Cyclocross Championships

The 2007/2008 Irish CX championships took place today in Tymon Park. I'm just back from it and put up some of the photos. Brief results from us is that Mel won the ladies MTB support race and I finished in the early teens. Roger won the race and Robin came second with Joey third.

Start of the main race

As it was my first Irish CX race (second ever after the one in the US a few weeks ago) I was ungridded and started way back. It was pretty frustrating as there was a lot of single track from the start and I didn't really get to start going fast until later in the race. I did however enjoy the final few laps. I was using Sean's CX bike for the race - I think I might pick up my own for next year...

We took a ton of photos (about 450) and here are the 'best' 150 ish... Sorry for there being lots of Mel and I ;)

2007 Irish National CX Championships

I'll write a little more about the race soon.

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