Thursday, January 17, 2008

Narky after spins?

A few of the MAD riders had been asking me about post ride nutrition etc... I just popped into this link that talks about post ride nutrition and narkiness so I thought I would right something quick. Me, my usual thing is if the ride is longer then 1.5 hours (or is shorter but really intense) I use sports drinks. If the ride is longer then 2/2.5 hours I take solid food (training only). I mostly eat a cereal bar or something reasonably tasty every hour. Racing, it's a bottle of sports drink every 30 minutes and a gel every 30-40 or so depending on temperature and race length.

Afterwards, the second I get in I go straight to the fridge and make some chocolate milk - shower, clean up and then get some proper carbohydrates back into me. Since I started this regime I no longer get the post ride irritable feeling and seem to recover a lot better. After 4+ hour rides, I eat constantly for the rest of the day.

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