Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2008 Specialized Tarmac – New Road Machine

About two weeks ago my new road bike arrived in a big box. I had been thinking about switching to a full carbon road bike for a long time as it would (should) be a bit more compliant on bumpy Irish roads when your riding 120k... The S-Works E5 has been amazing but also, a change is as good as a rest. New Tech is always cool :)

The big box :)

In all its glory

It came with full Ultegra SL and a DuraAce rear dérailleur. The rest of the finishing kit was Specialized gear – a few bits I might change as the year goes by to make it a little lighter. The wheels that were stock, I sold as I already had a set of them as my training wheels and I would be racing with my PowerTap SL wheel and a more aero front wheel. The front wheel I picked up was a Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL Premium – it is pretty heavy at 800grams but is very quick (aero) once it is up to speed. It also makes that nice carbon on road sound when your hammering along (Physcological boosts help too!). Anyone want to give me an aero PT rear wheel to complete the look of the bike? ;)

Mmmm - Dura Ace

The swooping top tube looks cool

First impressions are amazing – the bike seems to be a little stiffer then the E5, most noticeable when putting out 500 Watts+ out of the saddle, but yet a lot more smooth on the road. The constant vibrations seem to be numbed a lot. The groupset is working as I would expect it too – very similar to the Ultegra on my other bike – what can I say, it shifts when it should and breaking is good :)

I must say a huge thanks to Cycleways who helped set me up with the bike.

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