Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shoes and pedals

With the new season a new shipment of shoes and pedals came in. First off, I'll mention my CrankBrother 4Ti Eggbeaters. Since I started biking I have pretty much only used Eggbeaters and this was the first time that I was going to be using the 4Ti version. They are, as the name suggests an expensive pair of pedals but at 168grams, the lightest available. At the price, and weight, I only use them for races – even prerides will be done on the 'porky' 260gram Eggbeater SLs.

4Ti Eggbeaters

One of the other new bits of equipment that I got recently is the Specialized S-Works Road and Off-road shoes. I am a 44.5 in Sidis but somehow a 44 in the Specialized shoes. The closing mechanism is great and really clamps the shoes onto your feet well with no part seeming to have extra pressure. I've only had one long ride in the road shoes yet (153km Des Hanlon Memorial Road Race) but so far they seem perfect. At 535grams a pair, they also drop 200+ grams over the shoes I used last year on the road.

S-Works road and MTB shoes

Like the road shoes, the off-road shoes have been perfect. They have had a lot more use so far and again, I've not had a single issue. Comfortable, stiff and yet I can still walk/run in them reasonably well. Two very well put together products.

Thanks to 2Pure and Cycleways for helping out with the equipment.

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