Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Specialized S-Works Venge - New Race Bike

For 2012, my trusty S-Works Tarmac SL2 has been retired and replaced with Specialized's new aero road bike, the Venge. Many thanks to Cycleways and Specialized for helping me with the frame, KCNC for some of the finishing kit and checkout the Lightweight G3 wheels and FSA SRM crankset.

Most of the bike has been carried over from my old bike which obviously leaves the frame as the main change - a great way to compare the two bikes and how things have progressed. From the start, the bike feels fast, it is stiffer than the old Tarmac but what has really hit me most is when it turns downhill. I come form a mountain biking background and this analogy works best, it is like going from a hardtail MTB to a full suspension all mountain bike. It is very precise while cornering and leaves me feeling a lot more confident.

One other small thing I like - the Specialized Roubaix bar tape - I have tried a lot of different tapes and I'm thinking I may stick to this one for the next while. Grippy, comfy and reasonably light.

My first ride on it was my first road race win of the year.

Anyway - a few photos (sorry about the noisy background).

An FSA SRM creates pretty graphs

Skinny - with a Garmin Edge 500 bike computer


Thats Mr. Palmgren 2 U said...

The color scheme and graphics on that frame make it look like it should be in NASCAR. Well done Specialized, well done (though the black frame looks okay)

Anonymous said...

Does the SRM talk to the Garmin?

Ryan Sherlock said...

Yeah, it is a Wireless SRM (=> Ant+) and talks to the 705/500/800... A great setup.

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